Tuition Assistance​ – Annual Fund

Families in Northern New Mexico know the lasting value of a Santa Fe Prep education. They want to be at Prep, and demand for admittance is substantial. Every dollar of the $1.5 million we’ve committed in tuition assistance this year is donated by people like you, who know that a Prep education brightens a future forever.

I give to the annual fund every year with tuition assistance in mind. It is often said that tuition assistance offers those who might not have the opportunity of a Prep education, the opportunity they deserve. That is true, but it is also enriches the Prep community with a greater depth of experience, background, and perspective. We are a better school with this diversity.
Eric Rounds, Director of Service and Environmental Learning

Our son loves being challenged and being around bright and energetic friends. He loves being important to his teachers. These are reasons why he thrives at Prep. The individual care he receives from each of his teachers motivates him to do his best. His teachers are amazing, he is excelling academically, and we are proud of him. We are deeply thankful to the school’s tuition assistance program which enables our son to receive a phenomenal education and look forward to a future of opportunities.
Current parent

As I begin my work with tuition assistance every spring, I pour over nearly a hundred and fifty files from families requesting help with our tuition. It is true we are able to fund many students each year, but we are only able to do this because our school community is committed to raising those funds. I’m grateful when we are able to award grants to those students who enrich and diversify our school. The relief, gratitude and enthusiasm in the voices of parents as they accept their awards, is humbling. We certainly are changing lives! I give to the SFP annual campaign because I can’t imagine this place without a diverse population and I know what it takes to maintain this goal.
Jan Adesso, Director of Tuition Assistance and Director of Archives