41st Annual Danny Maas Run

Put on your running shoes and join us for this year’s virtual run! This student-led run is open to all members of the community near and far to support and raise awareness for children affected by cancer. Please click here to register and receive run information.

The Danny Maas Run is named after Prep alumnus, All-American cross-country and track runner, and run founder Danny Maas. Maas was in sixth grade when he was inspired by Canadian teen Terry Fox. Fox was running across Canada after having one leg amputated due to cancer. His run was called the “Marathon of Hope,” and you can learn about his inspirational story here. Fox’s cancer returned, this time in his lungs. Maas reached Fox on the phone and asked him what he could do to help. Fox responded, “Continue my run because it’s not just my run, it’s everyone’s run.”

In 1981, Maas organized the first run to honor Fox’s wishes. The following year, now a Prep student, Maas insisted that another run occur. Ever since, Prep students have run and raised money to help children affected by cancer. The students have raised over a half-million dollars and run over 30,000 miles combined. During its construction, students made a contribution of $20,000 to the St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Wing. Today, the students oversee an endowment at the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Interest from the endowment is granted toward the students’ goal: to support every child affected by cancer in Santa Fe.

This year, the students of the Danny Maas Run committee call on you to run, walk, or jog for others. Your run will help those children affected by cancer, raise awareness around childhood cancer, and bring the stories of our community together. Due to Covid-19, this year’s run will be done individually and shared online. You will have between April 19 and April 25 to complete your run. Registration begins March 15, and you can start planning your run here.

Also, during the pandemic, please consider supporting these longtime Danny Maas Run sponsors with your patronage. We appreciate their long-standing support: El Rancho de las Golondrinas, Tomasita’s, The Pantry, Tewa Tees, The Running Hub, La Choza, The Shed, Harry’s Roadhouse, Panda Express on Zafarano, Plaza Cafe, Clafoutis, and Dulce Capital Bakery.

If you know of a family whom we might assist, please contact us here. If you would like to make a donation to the endowment, you may do so here.