New Family Orientation (12)

Awesome Looks Like You

We’ve been focusing our energy in opening faculty meetings this year on building capacity in the culture of Prep–around respect, shared trust, deep listening skills. Culture–the habits and practices that reflect what we value and believe–is the most important work we do, shaping the interactions that define each school day.

“Awesome looks like you.” That’s the opportunity posted on the signboard as we welcome 70 new students and 250 returning Griffins. The start of each school year offers the opportunity for all of us to be “awesome,” in some particular way or at a certain moment. Each of us has a chance, again and again as the year unfolds, to inspire awe in those around us. And yes, we need to bring our best selves, be willing to risk something of value, push the boundaries as we learn and play and perform. Do not hold back; the moment is here.